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About Me!!!!!!

Name: Darren Lim    

Age: 20+

Aim for this website is: To educate people about Chinchilla and to provide them sufficient knowledge  in taking care of them

Contact: My email is for normal reply

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday you will get your urgent reply for my new email address ( )

If you are looking for a free consultation service from me regarding your pets or need information, you can come and email me at my above email mentioned. Just feel free to drop an email to me ok???

History Record: I have kept goldfish, tropical fishes, red parrot fish, betta and others including hamster. But right now Im concentrating on keeping great care for chinchilla.

In the future to come: If I am free, I would like to try on marine fish, Koi fish or Arrowana too. These fishes are different group of interesting fishes that can spur u up greatly!!!!!!!!!

Other website

1) Goldfish:


That's about it!_!