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Darren's Chinchilla Haven, Singapore



Welcome to my website!!!!!!


If you are into chinchilla and have the intention to keep chinchilla, you have come to the right place. Here it is the very own Singapore owned website. Do enjoy your surfing here and do come back here again as this website will always updated whenever I am free.


History of Chinchilla         Introduction            Sickness and Diseases         What you need      

Understanding Your Chinchilla          FeedBack            About me( A FreE ConSultaTion StoP )       Chinchilla Exercise Wheel!!!

            Genetics  of Chinchilla

Nutrition                  Breeding and Caring for the chinchilla

Singapore AVA's Guidelines for selling chinchilla in the pet shop 

    Chinchilla and Aquatic Forum and Chinchilla Photo Gallery


If you have any questions regarding chinchilla keeping or comments regarding this webpage, please feel free and drop me an email at chinchilla@consultant.com

Last updated at 25/01/2006


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